Here to dominate



PIGWEED is an alternative Nu-metal style band from San Antonio,Texas.


Pigweed was formed in 2009 by Mauricio Ortega and started reinventing the style with an unsurpassed sound that some claim is “Nu-metal with a modern twist”. 

After a few years, David Magallanez joined as our percussionist and has now moved to one of the two main vocalists.


A year later, Chris Fletcher  joined the band as our new bassist. Shortly after Corey Epps came in on guitar in 2017 and right after we brought in our brother Dylan Young on guitar as well in 2019.


In 2019 Mo took over on drums and brought the thunder. In 2020 Walter Moreno became the drummer full time Mo is back up front on guitar and vocals.

Pigweed has remained one of the hardest hitting bands in South Texas. With a versatile style, that keeps you wanting and begging for more. 

In 2016, Pigweed signed a Distribution deal with Pavement Entertainment out of Chicago, and on March 9, 2018 we released our new album called, The Weight,  available on any online music outlet, as well as streaming on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud, and iTunes.


And for the first time we will be releasing on their own, a new single called Salvation with special guest Christain Machado from ill nino on vocals late 2019 early 2020.


And in 2020 already confirmed for mid-spring co-heading tour with Sister Kill Cycle and June 5th,6th,7th at Metal in the Mountains and will be performing at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival on Sept 18th.


Pigweed has toured the Mid, West, And East coast  just did their first National tour with A Killer's Confession and has participated in numerous Benefits,Tattoo Expos,Festivals, and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with acts like: 


Flaw ,Butcher Babies, Tallah, Sick Puppies, 12 Stones, 10 years, Volbeat, Orgy, Mushroomhead, Hed PE, Ill Nino, Kittie, Motograter, Otep, Saliva,  Unloco, Adema, 36 Mafia, Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Union Underground, Powerman 5000, Twizted, Stabbing Westward, Universal Terror, Nonpoint, Escape The Fate.



Drums: Walter Moreno

Guitar/Vocals: Mauricio Ortega  

Bass: Chris Fletcher 

Guitar: Dylan Young  

Vocals: David Magallanez

Guitarist: Corey Epps